exercises due: calendar week 39 (single lesson)


A: Words


Learn the words at pp.178 - 179 (paradise) in your book.

Also revise the first twenty irregular verbs at p. 240 (to be - to draw)


I know, I know. Learning words can be true boredom. But you need words to speak a language. Therefore it's important. Also you'll write a vocab test about those words, so....

      B: Reading

  1. Read the text at p. 12 in your books about Sydney. Do exercises 1 and 2 (first part at least 6 sentences). For the second part of ex. 2, find at least three interesting or strange facts about two other Australian cities. Make sure you don't all have the same facts/cities, or I'll know that you copied from each other...

    C: Grammar Revision


Here are the rules for the grammar exercises: Always copy the full sentences! Do NOT print out the exercises. Copying them is good writing practice for you!

  1. For warm up: Simple Present and Present Progressive - that's of course a piece of cake for you. Still, if you don't remember the rules, have a look at the "rules page" (just click here).
  2. Always a student's favorite: Simple Past and Present Perfect - if you don't remember the rules, watch the video below and have a look at the "rules page" (just click here) before you do the exercises. And if there are still questions, don't hesitate to ask in class! Then we'll go into detail in class.

Simple Present/Present Progressive:

click HERE

do ex.1 and  ex. 2


Simple Past/Present Perfect:

Click HERE.

Do ex.2 and ex.3.

simple past vs. present perfect - explanation




Want to know what happens when an Australian doesn't like sports?

Watch the video on the right side. But be aware - they talk fast and with an "Aussie-accent".