exercises due: calendar week 39 (last lesson of the week)

A: Words


Speaking a language without words is impossible. Therefore, you need to increase your vocabulary. Below you'll find a ord list with specific vocabulary for our first topic.

  • Your task for the first vocab-test: Learn up to "restriction"

Now don't look at me like that (in the figurative sense). You probably know half of the words anyway. Also, it's three weeks...

Wordlist 1, Topic 1
Adobe Acrobat Dokument 315.6 KB

B: Viewing


There you go: A video. Isn't that just lovely?

We will deal with US history in the next couple of weeks but we won't be able to go into detail with regards to EVERY topic.

We'll cover - for example - the American Revolution but not the events that led up to it.


That's why you get this task:

Watch the video and create a timeline of all the events that led to the Declaration of Independence. You'll be able to use that when you prepare for the Abitur. Yes, that's still a long way to go but still.