exercises due: calendar week 42 (THURSDAY!!!)

A. words


Aaaannnnd on we go. Learn the next words up to overrate.

B. Viewing




Watch the video about companies like WeWork which have transformed the world of work considerably. Then do the following tasks specified below.



00:00 – 00:43

Briefly describe some details about the office presented in the clip.


00:44 – 02:22

How does the company compare to a “gym“?

Why is WeWork business a “booming field“?

Who are its customers?


02:22 – 03:23

Explain about the idea of co-living as presented in the video.


03:24 – 04:42

Explain the concept behind “play, work or dash“.

What is important to founder Nicole Dash?


04:43 – 05:26

Explain about the vision of “We“.



And finally:

Do you think these concepts have good prospects? Discuss.