These are the rules....

                  simple present

example:     I visit London every summer


                     I don't visit London every summer.


                     Do you visit London every summer?

rule:           The simple present expresses

                   something which happens regularly

                   or in general. It also expresses actions

                   that happen one after the other:

                  "First I visit London, then I visit Paris."




positive sentence:        1st form of verb 

negative sentence:       do+ not + 1st form of verb 

question (usually):        do (+not)+ 1st form of verb


WATCH OUT:                  he/she/it --> add an "s"!

 (comeS; goES, doES)


signal words:   e.g. always, normally, usually,

                         sometimes, often, first, then,...

                    present progressive                 

example:        I'm visiting London right now.


                        I'm not visiting London right now.


                        Are you visiting London right now?

rule:               The present progressive expresses

                       something which happens right at

                       this moment. It also expresses

                       actions that happen at the same

                       time: "I'm playing football and you

                       are watching."



positive sentence:     form of "to be +

                                      ing-form of verb 

negative sentence:    form of "to be" + not +

                                      ing-form of verb 

question:                     form of "to be" (+not)+

                                      ing-form of verb


signal words  e.g. at this moment, right now,

                                   Look! currently,....