• You will find exercises on the present tenses below.
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  • It is your job to find out which tenses are correct.
  • It helps to look for and mark the signal words.....

ex.1: Fill in the correct form of the verb.

  1. Max ______________ (play) football at the moment.
  2. We often _____________ (do) tests in English class.
  3. I ______________ (go) to my friend now.
  4. Look! Mandy and Susan ____________________ (fight).
  5. Phyllis ____________________ (visit) her aunt every weekend.
  6. Now the sun _____________________ (shine).
  7. They sometimes ______________________ (write) poems in the lessons.
  8. Listen! The band ___________________ (play) their new song.
  9. Every morning my mother _______________ (wake up) at 6 o'clock.

 ex.2: Fill in the correct form of the verb.

  1. Every Monday, Sally  ________________ (drive) her kids to football practice.
  2. Usually, I _________________ (work) as a secretary at Bosch, but this summer I  _________________________ (study) English at a language school in London. That is why I am in London.
  3. Shhhhh! Be quiet! Paul ______________________(sleep).
  4. Don't forget to take your jacket. It ____________________ (rain).
  5. I hate living in Hamburg because it _____________________(rain, always).
  6. I'm sorry I can't hear what you ________________(tell) me because everybody __________________(talk).
  7. Sarah ________________ (write, currently) a book about her travels to South America. I hope she can find a good publisher when she is finished. 
  8. This delicious chocolate _____________(be)  made by a small chocolatier in Bern, Switzerland.
  9. This delicious chocolate ______________(at the moment be) made by a small chocolatier in Hong Kong.

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ex.3: Fill in the correct form of the verb


- "_________ you _________baseball every day, Gareth?"                              (play)

- "Not every day. I _________ always _________ the time.                              (not find)

   But I _________ hard at the moment."                                                         (work)

- "I can see that!"


- "Hey Theresa, where _________ you _________?"                                          (go)

- "Didn't you know? I _________ to drive now! I _________ to get                 (learn, want)

    my driver's license next year."

- "Good luck with that!"


- "How often _________ you and Steffi _________ to the golf club, Klaus?" (go)

- "Oh, every day. At the moment we _________ ready for a big                  (get)


- "That's quite something. _________ you _________ a coach?"                    (have)

- "No. But we'll win anyway."

ex.4: Translate the sentences


1. Ich lebe in Chicago, obwohl ich im Moment in New York bin.

2. Meine Eltern bleiben normalerweise Freitag Abends zu Hause, aber heute sind sie ins Kino

    gegangen, weil wir eine Party feiern.

3. Bitte entschuldige, aber ich kann gerade nicht mit dir reden, weil ich das Essen vorbereite.

4. Meine Schwester ist ein großer James Bond Fan. Deswegen freut sie sich schon auf den nächsten


5. Warum sitzt du hier?

6. Ich warte auf meinen Vater, damit wir endlich nach Hause gehen können.

7. Spielst du immer noch Fußball? - Nein, ich lerne im Moment Baseball.

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