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ex.1: Fill in "since" and "for" (not really an exercise for the tenses but necessary anyways)

  1. We've been in the UK ______ last Monday.
  2. I feel like I've known him __________ years.
  3. He's lived there ___________ 1992.
  4. I haven't seen Mom and Dad ________this afternoon.
  5. I have wanted to meet you __________ a long time.
  6. You've been my friend __________ our first day in school.
  7. Philipp has lived in New York _________ five years now.
  8. She hasn't been back to Sindelfingen ________ the day they left.
  9. He likes school a lot. He has liked it _________ as long as he can remember.
  10. They spend a lot of time together. They have been boyfriend and girlfriend ________ two months.

ex.2: What might Christopher's father tell you about his life? Make sentences with "since" and "for".









had a crazy life

lived in the East

been a good teacher

had a pony

lived with a friend

taken surfing lessons







38 years.

the day I was born.

a long time.

I left New York.

many months.


30 years.

as long as I can remember.

I was eighteen.

my sister got divorced.

ex.3 Fill in the correct form of the verb. (simple past, present perfect)

1.     The police ____________________(to arrest) three people early this morning.
2.     She ____________________ (to go) to Japan last year but  ___________________ (not; to like) there.
3.     Dan ________________________ (already; to buy) two cars from the money he won in the lottery.
4.     ____________________ (you; ever; to be) in London?
5.     ____________________ (you; to visit) the Hyde Park when you ____________________ (to stay) in London?
6.     ____________________ (you; to do) your homework yet? Yes, I ___________________ (to finish) it an hour ago.
7.     I _____________________(not; to see) Peter yet.
8.     Frank ____________________ (to get) his bike last May.
9.     I'm sorry, I ______________________ (not; call) this morning.
10.    I _____________________(I; always; to want) to sing in a musical.

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ex.4: Fill in the correct form of the verb. (simple past, present perfect)

  1. I _______________ (not, see) her since last year.
  2. The film _____________________ (not; start) yet.
  3. She ________________ (be) ill for two days now.
  4. I can't get into my house because I _____________ (give) my keys to Mary.
  5. Emma _________________________ (not; see) this film on TV.
  6. _________ the Millers _________________(arrive) yet?
  7. Andy ____________________ (repair) his sister's bike this morning.
        ___________ he _____________ (use) his new tools?

ex.5: Translate the sentences.

1) Peter hat gestern Fußball gespielt.
2) Es tut mir leid, aber ich habe meine Haushaufgaben vergessen.
3) Wir haben noch nie ein anderes Land besucht.
4) Sie hat 2011 ein neues Auto gekauft.

5) Susan ist vor einer Stunde total ausgeflippt?

6) Habt ihr gestern eine Grillparty veranstaltet?
7)  Seit wann kennst du deinen Kumpel?
8) Ich habe seit 12 Uhr die Waren getragen

9) Ich habe die Landschaft schon immer zauberhaft gefunden.

10) Wir suchen seit Jahren nach dem Ursprung von Krebs.

11) Die Debatte gestern ging endlos.

ex.6: Fill in the correct form of the verb. (simple past; present perfect)

  1. When I was a child, I________ (live) in Perth.
  2. I ________ (watch) the movie Titanic three times. I'm going to see it again tonight.
  3. Chika ________ from university last July.
  4. Annika ________ (walk) to school every day for the last six weeks!
  5. Paul________ (fall) off his bike three times this month.
  6. Timothy ________ (live) in Tokyo for five years, but he left in 1993
  7. The first Europeans ________ (discover) Australia around 1600.
  8. I ________ (lose) my key yesterday, so I couldn't get into the house. Eventually, I found it in my pocket
  9. Somebody ________ (steal) my bicycle! Now I'll have to walk home.
  10. Ouch! ________ (cut) my finger!

ex.7: Fill in the correct form of the verb. (simple past; present perfect, present perfect progressive)

  1. They ________ (never miss) the train to Sydney so far.
  2. He ________ (already cut) the grass several times in July.
  3. ________you ________ (enjoy) yesterday's trip to Munich?
  4. Her eyes hurt because she ________ (play) too much computer.
  5. We ________ (arrive) at the campsite last Saturday evening.
  6. I ________ (just have) bacon and eggs for breakfast.
  7. Come home... you ________(wait) for her for ages now. She's not going to come.
  8. She ________ (never wear) her yellow dress.
  9. Last week the teacher ________ (teach) us everything we have to know about the Simple Past and Present Perfect. 
  10. I ________ (dialed) that number a hundred times by now.
  11. I ________ (do) my homework last weekend.
  12. They ________ (got) off the train at Waterloo station.
  13. ________you ever ________(play) a trick on your teacher?
  14. She ________ (work) hard last month.
  15. She ________(work) hard for hours without a break.
  16. We ________ (walk) a lot when we were in Greece the last time.

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ex.8: Translate the sentences

  1. Sie hat ihren Hamster noch nicht gefüttert.
  2. Der Hund des Nachbarn hat mich noch nicht angebellt.
  3. Ich habe gestern nichts getrunken.
  4. Hat er schon mit dem neuen Mitschüler geredet?
  5. Der erste Mensch landete 1969 auf dem Mond.
  6. Ich bin immer noch müde, weil ich schlecht geschlafen habe.
  7. Habe ich dir das nicht vorgestern erklärt?
  8. Sie hat noch keine Geburtstagsgeschenke für ihren Sohn gekauft.
  9. Hast du den Tee getrunken?
  10. Ich war vor drei Tagen in Amsterdam.

ex.9: Complete the sentences. Fill in the correct form of the verbs with "since" and "for".


Harry:    You live in a nice flat, Francis.

Francis: Yes, we _________ in it _________ July. Before that we had a much smaller flat.

Harry:    Do you often see your mother?

Francis: Not very often, no. I _________him _________ six months now.

Harry:    I think your father has a caravan, is that correct?

Francis: Yeah, he _________ it _________ a long time now.

Harry:    Have you ever visited Amsterdam since we were there last summer?

Francis: No, I _________ it _________ then.

Harry:    I'm hungry. Shall we eat something?

Francis: That's a good idea. I _________ anything _________I woke up this morning. Let's go and get some

               fish and chips.

ex. 10: Complete the sentences. (past perfect)


  1. I had to walk home yesterday because the bus ________ (already leave)
  2. Last week I asked mom for some money. But she ________(spend) it all.
  3. I wanted to get into the car. But I ________ (lose) the keys.
  4. She wanted to war my blue dress for the concert. But mum  ________(wash) it yet.
  5. Last week I lost a book which a friend ________(lend) me.
  6. At last Oliver and I found a parking-space; but the film ________ (already start).

ex. 11: Complete the sentences. (simple past; past progressive)


  1. When hurricane Lothar __________ (blow) towards the coast, 2 million üpeople __________ (flee) from their homes.
  2. A 34-year-old tourist __________ (swim) in the sea, when the hurricane __________ (hit) the shore.
  3. The president __________ (just get) ready for his trip to Florida, when he __________ (hear) about the storm.
  4. When the hurricane __________ (be) over and it __________ (stop) raining, the sun __________ (shine) again.

ex. 12: Fill in the correct form of the verb (watch out! To make it a bit more confusing there are more than just the past tenses possible) 

  1.  My family have ___________________ (buy) some land in southern France recently. They ___________________ (build) a summer house there at the moment.
  2. Andy and Mary ___________________ (go) to a concert tomorrow night. They ____________________________ (look forward to) it the whole week.
  3. Jonathon ___________________ (watch) the news on TV every day and it ___________________ (help) him with his English.
  4. My car ___________________ (break) down when I ___________________ (drive) home from work. I ________________________ (fix) it if I ___________________ (know) what was wrong. But I didn’t so ___________________ (have) to take it to the garage.
  5. When he ___________________ (found) Microsoft, Bill Gates was only 20 years old. He ___________________________ (already write) his first computer programme six years earlier.
  6. An accident ___________________ (happen) near my house last night. A car _______________ (hit) a young man. He ___________________ (ride) his bike when someone in front of him suddenly ___________________ (open) a car door. Many people ___________________ (see) the accident. The police ___________________ (interrogate) them last night.
  7. Mrs Smith said that one day she ________________________ (retire) from teaching. She said that she ___________________ (spend) her new free time learning about computers.
  8. I ______________________ (not sleep) at all last night. Someone ___________________ (listen) to music all night.
  9. I ___________________ (see) a film a week ago, but I _______________________ (not enjoy) it very much because I _______________________ (already read) the book. If I ___________________ (not read) the book I ____________________________ (probably enjoy) the film more.
  10. The judge sentenced the man to eight years in prison because he ___________________ (rob) a bank.
  11. They ________________________ (stand) in the queue for over an hour when the manager ___________________ (tell) them that there were no more tickets.
  12. Alan ___________________ (be) in the car accident yesterday. The other driver ___________________ (lose) control of his car because he ___________________ (fall) asleep.
  13. She ___________________ (not see) her father since he ___________________ (start) to work in Marseille two years ago.
  14. I ___________________ (sleep) when the fire broke out.
  15. Linda phoned and explained that she _________________________ (not come) to the party the next day because she ___________________ (be) still sick.
  16. I ________________________ (just see) the film “The Da Vinci Code”. – ___________________ (you see) it too? – No, I ___________________ (not have) but I ___________________ (read) the book.
  17. My sister ___________________ (fly) home from London today. Her flight ___________________ (arrive) in an hour so I ___________________ (leave) for the airport right now to get there in time.
  18. Unless he ___________________ (sell) more he won’t get much money.
  19. While he ___________________ (wait) for the bus there ___________________ (be) a robbery at the bank. After the robbers ___________________ (go) away the police ___________________ (come) but they ___________________ (not can) catch them.
  20. I ___________________ (use) to ski when I was at the university but I ___________________ (break) a leg five years ago and since then I ___________________ (not ski) any more.

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