exercises due: calendar week 3 (Thursday)

Please download the student book below to your pads right away. You'll need it in the next couple of weeks. For those who work analog (kudos to you!), I'll bring along a couple of copies.

Student book to download
student book.pdf
Adobe Acrobat Dokument 965.7 KB

A: Words


below you find the new word list. Don't we all love learning words?


Learn the first 30 words.

word list 4
Adobe Acrobat Dokument 93.3 KB

B: Grammar


If you were perfect in English, you wouldn't have to do exercises on grammar anymore. But as you are not yet perfect..... (and ONE exercise won't kill you :D)


CLICK HERE and do exercise 5.

  C: Listening Comprehension


Go to this page and do the listening comprehensions. As you can check the correct solutions yourself, we're not going to correct them in class. This is therefore also a bit of a test of how mature you already are.

D: Watching


Watch the highlights of the Graham Norton Show below.

There is no task for you (because sometimes I'm nice). I just thought you might like it (and improve your English skills by watching it of course). The GNS is probably THE most famous TV show in British television. It's a mixture of comedy and talk show (Norton gets more celebreties to appear on his show than there are water drops in the ocean...).