• You will find exercises on the if clauses (Contitional Sentences) below.
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  • Some exercises are suitable for grade 7 (Conditional I and II), some are suitable for every grade above (Conditional I, II and III). Pick the Conditionals you want to practice.

ex.1: Which type of Conditional Sentence is it? (Conditionals I, II and III)

  1. If I get a job, I will earn some money.
  2. If the taxi driver had driven more carefully, the accident wouldn’t have happened.
  3. If Ms Brown doesn’t find her car key, she will have to go home by bus.
  4. If Marion did her homework, she would get a good mark in his next test.
  5. If it starts raining, we won’t go on a hiking trip.
  6. If we had had more time, we would have stayed longer.

ex.2: Fill in the blanks with the correct form of the verb. (Conditionals I, II and III)


1. If I go to town,
2. If he____ (have) more time,
3. If my parents ____ (buy) the house,
4. If it ____ (be) warm tomorrow,
5. If Mr Brown ____ (sell) his old car,
6. If I ____ (know) they were coming,

main clause

I ____ (buy) a new pair of jeans.
he ____(help) her.
we ____(moved) to Toronto.
we ____ (go ) swimming.
he ____(not get) a lot of money for it.
I ____ (buy) a cake.

type 1

type 2

type 3

type 1

type 2

type 3

ex. 3 What would you do if these things happened to you? Complete the sentences (Conditional II).

If I lived to be a hundred and ten, I'd have a big birthday party.

1. If I went to New York, ..............................
2. If I found a rare animal, .........................
3. If I forgot to do my homework, .............
4. If I saw a bank robber, ............................
5. If I met somebody famous, ....................
6. If I found a dinosaur's egg, ....................
7. If I forgot my best friend's birthday, ....
8. If I won a lot of money, ...........................
9. If I became President, .............................

Now write the sentences again. This time, imagine what your best friend wouldn't do if these things happened.

If Adam lived to be a hundred and ten, he wouldn't have a party.

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ex 4: Complete the text with the right forms of the verbs

Harry is talking to his mum about their next summer holidays.

Harry:        Mum, I can't believe that you've booked that trip to Spain by boat! If you ____ (ask) me, I

                    ____ (tell) you that I don't want to go.
Mum:         I know. That's why I didn't ask...
Harry:       And if you ____ (allow) me to take some friends along, I ____ (enjoy) it, but now it'll be

                   really boring.
Mum:         If we ____ (have) lots of money, you ____ (be able to invite) all your friends.
Harry:        But it takes two days by boat! If we ____(go) by plane, we ____(be) there in an hour.
Mum:         Yes, but there is a lot to do on the boat.
Harry:        Maybe, but on the plane, I ____ (can watch) at least four different films on the way

                    there if I ____ (want).
Mum:         Well, that's too bad for you then. But you'll enjoy the trip anyway.

ex.5: Translate the sentences

  1. Wenn du nach Kanada fliegst, brauchst du ein Visum.
  2. Würdest du in Frankreich leben wollen, wenn du nicht in Deutschland lebtest?
  3. Manuela wird nicht glücklich sein, wenn wir sie nicht besuchen.
  4. Er wäre Arzt geworden, wenn er in der Schule besser gearbeitet hätte.
  5. Wenn ich Urlaub hätte, würde ich den ganzen Tag im Bett bleiben
  6. Was machst du, wenn es regnet?
  7. Wenn ich kein gebrochenes Bein hätte, würde ich Badminton spielen.
  8. Wenn sie besser motiviert gewesen wären, hätten sie das Spiel gewonnen.
  9. Wenn ich viel Geld hätte, würde ich mir einen Bauernhof kaufen.
  10. Versprich mir, dass du mir einen Brief schreibst, wenn du mich brauchst.
  11. Wärst du zuhause geblieben, wenn du gewusst hättest, dass es hier nicht schön ist?

ex.6: Form conditional sentences in the respective conditional (1, 2 or 3)

  1. If Tom – have – a better computer/he – play – computer games (3)
  2. If – she – fall – down the stairs/he- hurt - herself (2)
  3. If Margarete – sing – in the band/Jake -write- a new song (1)
  4. If the party – be – on Sunday/ Milla – go – there (3)
  5. If the shirt – be- red /Hannibal – give – Lucy – red flowers (1)
  6. If the building – not be – too high /I not take – the lift (2)
  7. If the car – not start/ we – be- late – for school (3)
  8. If the film – be - good/ Jake and John – watch – it again. (1)
  9. If someone – attack me /I hit – in the face (2)
  10. If he – break – his toe /they take – him to hospital (3)


ex 7: Complete the sentences with the right forms of the verbs

  1. If Matteo _________  the money, he will go to Canda. (have)
  2. If I had a lot of money, I _________ some to UNICEF. (give)
  3. If the girls _________ shopping, they would have bought some new shirts. (go)
  4. Paul will bring some CDs if he _________ some good ones. (find)
  5. If I _________  her, I would wear the red top. (be)
  6. If Peter was hungry, he _________  a hamburger. (eat)
  7. If we _________  to the restaurant, we will drink water. (go)
  8. Hendrik _________  to a restaurant if he had more time. (go)
  9. If the teacher had corrected the tests, the students _________  the marks. (know)
  10. Johannes will go to the club if his friend _________  with him. (go)