exercises due: calendar week 24 (Friday)

A. Words


Enjoy your holidays. And enjoy learning a couple more words. Learn up to "be closely connected to"

New word list
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B: Grammar


Learning means revising what you have learned every now and then.

Therefore, let's get back to  gerunds once more ( you learned that in grade 7)


Do this exercise and this, and this and this and this and this.

You can check the correct answers yourself.

If there are problems, let us know and we'll revise it in class.

C: Background: "The Commonwealth of Nations"


We'll deal with the UK and the Commonwealth of Nations in the next couple of lessons and it makes sense that you get some additional background information on the topic. So here is an overview and three opinion pieces on whether the Commonwealth is still needed today. One of them is an audio file.

One. Two. Three.


Also, you'll find a video below.