exercises due: calendar week 42 (last lesson of the week)

Part A: Words


The first few words were easy to learn. And as the next words are easy as well, you can do a couple more, right? So learn up to "restriction".


And of course it wouldn't hurt if you took a look at the irregular verbs...

Part B: Grammar


"If we don't do anything about the problem of climate change, our children will have to pay the price."


Now, which Conditional Sentence was that again? One? Two? Three? Check out the rules section and then do the following excercises:


Conditional Sentences

CLICK HERE and do excercises 1, 2 and 4.

Here are the solutions to the last grammar exercises. Check your answers and if you think we need to revise that grammar topic in class, contact me.

ex.3 Fill in the correct form of the verb. (simple past, present perfect)

1.     The police arrested three people early this morning.
2.     She went to Japan last year but she didn't like it there.
3.     Dan has already bought two cars from the money he won in the lottery.
4.     Have you ever been in London?
5.     Did you visit Hyde Park when you stayed in London?
6.     Have you done your homework yet? Yes, I finished it an hour ago.
7.     I haven't seen Peter yet.
8.     Frank got his bike last May.
9.     I'm sorry, I didn't call this morning.
10.    I have always wanted to sing in a musical.

ex.5: Translate the sentences.

1) Peter hat gestern Fußball gespielt.

Peter played football yesterday.
2) Es tut mir leid, aber ich habe meine Haushaufgaben vergessen.

I'm sorry but I have forgotten my homework.
3) Wir haben noch nie ein anderes Land besucht.

We have never visited another country.
4) Sie hat 2011 ein neues Auto gekauft.

She bought a new car in 2011.

5) Susan ist vor einer Stunde total ausgeflippt?

Susan completely freaked out an hour ago.

6) Habt ihr gestern eine Grillparty veranstaltet?

Did you have a BBQ yesterday?
7)  Seit wann kennst du deinen Kumpel?

Since when/For how long have you known your mate?
8) Ich habe seit 12 Uhr die Waren getragen

I have been carrying the goods since 12 o'clock.

9) Ich habe die Landschaft schon immer zauberhaft gefunden.

I have always found the countryside to be magical./ I have always thought the countryside was magical.

10) Wir suchen seit Jahren nach dem Ursprung von Krebs.

We have been searching for the origin of cancer for years.

11) Die Debatte gestern ging endlos.

The dabate went on endlessly yesterday.

ex.7: Fill in the correct form of the verb. (simple past; present perfect, present perfect progressive)

  1. They have never missed the train to Sydney so far.
  2. He has already cut the grass several times in July.
  3. Did you enjoy yesterday's trip to Munich?
  4. Her eyes hurt because she played/has been playing too much computer.
  5. We arrived at the campsite last Saturday evening.
  6. I have just had bacon and eggs for breakfast.
  7. Come home... you have been waiting for her for ages now. She's not going to come.
  8. She has never worn her yellow dress.
  9. Last week the teacher taught us everything we have to know about the Simple Past and Present Perfect. 
  10. I have been dialing that number a hundred times by now.
  11. I did my homework last weekend.
  12. They got off the train at Waterloo station.
  13. Have you ever played a trick on your teacher?
  14. She worked hard last month.
  15. She has been working hard for hours without a break.
  16. We walked a lot when we were in Greece the last time.

Part C: Viewing/ Fun


Watch the video below. Try to find out which founding father each guy is portraying.