exercises due: calendar week 46 (Tuesday). Only one and a half weeks to do the exercises. But this time it's really not a lot!

A: Words


Oh, how you missed learning words in the holidays, right? So, here is your new patch of words to learn: Learn up to "once" (p. 186)


Revise the irregular verbs! Please! Pretty please!

B: Grammar


"Learning English and practicing your grammar is a lot of fun."

Two gerunds are right there in this lovely sentence. Gerunds are a great thing to use in your writing because they improve your style a lot. Also they are quite often used in spoken language. So you need to revise them (grade 8 stuff. So it shouldn't be too hard ;) ).


As always: If you don't remember the rules, check our the rules section.


Then click here and do exercises 1 and 3.


And as that is so easy. let's revise when to use must be, can't be, would have, etc.

Do exercises 1a on p. 40 and 1 on p. 52 in your book.


Watch this video of Dylan Moran, a famous British stand-up comedian, on life in the city vs. life in the countryside.

In order to understand it, you might need a couple of words:

mugger - Überfall

sophisticated - kultiviert

the local thing - DAS regionale Gericht

to crawl - krabbeln

hostility - Feindseligkeit