exercises due: calendar week 7 (single lesson - that's also the day of the voc-test)

dates of the class tests:



A: Words


Learn the words on pp.194 (from Unit 3 on) - 195 in your book.


Language consists of words. Therefore, you have to learn words. There's simply no way around it...


B: Writing


I want to get to know you a bit. And what better way to get to know you, than making you do some creative work.

Choose one of the pictures below and write a short story about it. You can either take the picture as a starting point for the story or as a scene of the story or as the end point of the story. Write at least half a page.


Oh, and there is one more requirement.....you have to use the words "aunt", "eggshells", "to apologize" and "magnificent" each at least once in the story.

C: Grammar (The rules are: always copy all the sentences. Don't print anything out)


Let's have a quick revision of Simple Past vs. Present Perfect again...


Click HERE for more exercises on that topic. Do exercises 3 and 4 (that shouldn't take longer than 10 minutes).


If you need to have another look at the rules, click HERE for the rules section.