exercises due: calendar week 11 (last lesson of the week)


class test:


you'll have to write an essay. So make sure, you revise topic sentences, the structure of a paragraph and an essay as a whole and be prepared to write something about the topic "health" and "healthy lifestyle" (so you might want to take a look at the words you need to write about that topic. See e.g. the vocab-exercises in the exercise book we've worked with).

A: Words


New word list - new chance.


Learn up to alternative lifestyle

voc list 5
Adobe Acrobat Dokument 100.3 KB

C. Grammar


We've talked about the past tenses, so let's talk about the future tenses now.


Please take a look at the rules and/or watch the video below.


Then click HERE and HERE and HERE and HERE and do the exercises.


If you have problems or don't understand something, ask me!!


D. Writing


Write two paragraphs about a big challenge you face at the moment. Remember how to structure a paragraph, come up with good topic sentences and use examples. Also: use simple present (!) to write this analysis.

Some of you will have to hand it in... and it's also a good practice for the class test.