exercises due: calendar week 39 (last lesson of the week)

A: Words


Speaking a language without words is impossible. Therefore, you need to increase your vocabulary. Below you'll find a ord list with specific vocabulary for our first topic.

  • Your task for the first vocab-test: Learn up to "media literacy"

Now don't look at me like that (in the figurative sense). You probably know half of the words anyway. Also, you have three weeks time (because it's the first homework and I'm nice).

digital age - word list 1
digital age voc list 1.pdf
Adobe Acrobat Dokument 71.1 KB

B: Grammar


Your future starts now! And the grammar course for this year as well. So let's start with the future tenses.

You certainly remember the "will-future" and the "going-to-future". But when does one use the "present progressive with future meaning" again??? Or even the 'future perfect' (and what was that anyway??) 


Check out the rules-section.


And then CLICK HERE to get to the exercises.

Do ex. 1, 3 and 5.

C: Reading

  • Before you read: Take a minute to think about the following: How often have you looked at your mobile phone today?
  • Then read THIS text and do the following exercises:
    • Summarize the article in a few sentences.
    • There are quite a few words in the text that you probably have never stumbled across before. Write them down and find a German translation..
  • After you read: Prepare a one-minute speech, either arguing that you should or don't have to switch off your mobile phones when meeting a friend. Be ready to give that speech in class!



Watch this part of Jack Dee's stand up routine on environmental problems. I think it's funny. Perhaps you'll find it funny, too.