• You will find exercises on the future tenses below.
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ex.1: Fill in the correct form of the verb.


1. Philipp ________________ (to be) 15 next Wednesday.
2. They __________ (to get) a new computer.
3. I think my mother _______________ (like) this CD.
4. Paul's sister _______________ (have) a baby.
5. They _________________ (arrive) at about 4 in the afternoon.
6. Just a moment. I ______________ (help) you with the bags.
7. In 2020 people ________________ (buy) more electric cars.
8. I think Marvin ___________________ (have) a party next week.
9. We __________________ (fly) to Venice in June.
10. Look at the clouds! It __________________ (rain) soon.

ex.2:  Fill in the correct form of the verb to complete the dialogue.

LAURA: What are you doing this weekend, Tanya?
TANYA: I _____________________(see) a new movie tomorrow
LAURA: Have you got the tickets yet?
TANYA: No, I _______________________ (get) them this afternoon, actually. Would you like to come?
LAURA: Oh, thank you, that would be nice.
TANYA: OK, I ________________________ (get) you a ticket too.
LAURA: Great ... what time does it start?
TANYA: Eight o'clock, but we _____________________ (all meet) in the Green Cafe at 7.15.
LAURA: OK, I __________________ (meet) you in the cafe, but,

               hmmm... I think, I _______________(be)  there around 7.30.
TANYA: That's fine.
LAURA: Great! Why don't we go eat something in the restaurant?
TANYA: That's a good idea. I _________________ (phone) the others and see if they want to come too.
LAURA: Great! I ______________________ (meet) you there in a moment.

ex.3: Fill in the correct form of the verb.


1. What are your plans for the weekend? I _________________________ (go)  to Hamburg.
2. Michael is always late. I'm sure she _____________________ (be) late tomorrow evening.
3. Would you like tea or coffee? I _____________________ (have) coffee.
4. Watch out! You ________________________________ (hurt) yourself.
5. The friends _______________________ (stay) in the hotel tonight. They are tired.
6. It's starting to rain. Oh, then I _______________________(not take) a walk.
7. They didn’t like the beach. I don't think they ________________________ (spend) their holidays by

     the sea again.
8. If you don’t stop hitting her, I _____________________ (tell) the teacher.
9. It’s 5 o'clock already. The bus is coming in 3 minutes! We ___________________ (miss) the bus.

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ex.4: Fill in the correct form of the verb.

  1. We__________ (to have) dinner at a restaurant on Monday.
  2. The plane__________ (to arrive) at 2:30 am.
  3. Wait! I__________ (to drive) you to the station.
  4. It _________(to snow) in London tomorrow evening.
  5. On Friday at 8 o’clock I__________ (to meet) my boyfriend.
  6. Paul__________ (to fly) to Paris on Monday morning.
  7. Are you still writing your essay? If you __________ (to finish) by 8pm, we can go shopping.
  8. I__________ (to see) my mother in April.
  9. Look at the clouds – it__________ (to rain) in a couple of minutes.
  10. When they __________ (to get) married in April, they __________ (to be) together for six years.
  11. You’re carrying too much. I__________ (to open) the door for you.
  12. Do you think the teacher __________ (to mark) our homework by Tuesday morning?

ex.5: Translate the sentences into English.

  1. Judy möchte mit dir reden. - Bitte sag ihr, dass ich sie anrufen werde.
  2. Lass uns uns morgen um vier Uhr treffen - Entschuldigung, aber da werde ich noch arbeiten.
  3. Sag deiner Tante jetzt tschüß, weil sie bereits nach London geflogen sein wird, wenn du wieder zurück kommst.
  4. Im Jahr 2019 werden sie dreißig Jahre verheiratet sein.
  5. Warum fragst du deinen Bruder nicht um Hilfe? Ich bin mir sicher, dass er dir helfen wird.
  6. Bitte nicht klingeln, wenn du ankommst. Mein Baby wird zu dem Zeitpunkt schlafen.