exercises due: calendar week 41 (single period)

A. words


Aaaannnnd on we go. Learn the next 40 words up to line of argument. :)

B. Viewing




Watch the video about companies like WeWork which have transformed the world of work considerably. Then do the following tasks specified below.



00:00 – 00:43

Briefly describe some details about the office presented in the clip.


00:44 – 02:22

How does the company compare to a “gym“?

Why is WeWork business a “booming field“?

Who are its customers?


02:22 – 03:23

Explain about the idea of co-living as presented in the video.


03:24 – 04:42

Explain the concept behind “play, work or dash“.

What is important to founder Nicole Dash?


04:43 – 05:26

Explain about the vision of “We“.



And finally:

Do you think these concepts have good prospects? Discuss.