General Information for English J1 (2020/21)

Central Topic:

·      The Ambiguity of Belonging


We're going to work with a broad variety of genres. Short stories, films, poetry, drama,... you name it.



·      folder (because of worksheets), DinA 4

·      grid paper or ruled paper (your choice) with margin

·      no folder for class tests needed

·      how you learn your words is up to you (vocab folder, cards,....)




written : oral mark                                    50:50


written mark:

one exam per half-year

(voc tests every second week à one exam (per half-year)) or not. Your choice.


oral mark:


qualitative performance
quantitative performance
working attitude and performance (individual work, pair work, group work, presentations...)


+ J1/1: monologue (5 min) (15% of oral grade in that half-year)

+ J2/1: dialogue (10 min) (15% of oral grade in that half-year)


Office Hours:

By appointment.