exercises due: calendar week 21 (first lesson of the week).


A: Words


Hoorey!!! That's it! The last pages of the vocabulary section in your book. Isn't that a great feeling, knowing that you have learned all the words in the book already at this stage in the school year?

That does mean, however, that you now have the chance to revise all of the words one more time!

Learn pp. 203, 178 and 179 in your books as well as the rest of the irregular verbs.

B: Reading


Go to p. 96/97 in your student books and read the text. Then do exercises a) and b)


C: Speaking


I'm soooooooooooooooooooooo looking forward to this:


Learn a poem (with at least eight lines!) of your choice by heart.

Make sure you are ready to come to the front of the classroom to recite the poem in a meaningful way (that means "with emotions"!!).