exercises due: calendar week 14 (Tuesday).

There will NOT be a voc-test that week because you write a class test on Friday that week. That does NOT mean that you don't have to learn the words though.... Because the next voc test will include all words from this two-week-exercise and the next. I can tell you right away that it's going to be too many words to learn if you don't start learning now.


A: Words


Learn up to the end of p. 200 in your books. Also revise the first 40 irregular verbs (that means the SAME verbs as for the last test PLUS ten verbs...)

B: Grammar


A couple more exercises won't kill you. Oh and just to be totally clear: Copy the whole sentences!


CLICK HERE and do exercises 3, 4 and 8.

C: Viewing/Listening


Watch the clip of Kurdo below. He's obviously not Indian and his song is in German. BUT he raps about life in the slums. Compare the experiences he raps about with the experiences of Jamal, Latika and Salim up to the point in the film that we stopped at. What are similarities/differences? Write at least half a page. Some of you will have to hand it in...