exercises due: calendar week 12 (first lesson of the week)


A: Words


Learn the words up to p. 199 (gesture). That's less than 30 words. Of course one or two of the words you've learned in the last couple of weeks might be in the voc-test but it's only 30 new words. Amaze me with a great voc-test!


And as the irregular verbs do seem to be a bit of a problem: revise the first 30 irregular verbs in the verb list (p. 240).

B: Grammar


Some grammar topics are learned easily and active and passive definitly fall into that category. So you won't have problems solving those exercises. However, if problems are occuring, check out the rule page (or: the rule page can be checked).


Click here and do exercises 1, 5 and 6.

C: Reading


1. Before you read:

Think about the first couple of scenes of Slumdog Millionare. When does the word "Slumdog" appear for the first time spoken and when does it appear for the first time written?


2. Read THIS article and THIS article and look up words in your dictionary if necessary.


3. After you read:

Answer the following two questions:

  • Why are some people offended by the title of the film?
  • Which reasons do Beaufoy and Tandon offer for choosing the term "Slumdog"?



Watch this short clip of Dev Patel ("Jamal") on the Graham Norton Show (one of the most popular British shows) together with Dame Judi Dench (one of the greatest actresses ever) having to play "Who wants to be a millionaire"...