exercises due: calendar week 11 (first lesson of the week)


The next class test is going to be on the 05.05.2022, NOT on the 28.04.!)

A: Words


Learn the rest of the word list. As that's only 27 or so words, the voc test will be about the whole word list. So make sure, you revise the rest of the words as well.

B: Reading


We're going to start reading a book (The Perks of Being a Wallflower). And of course that also means you have to read the book.


Read the first two parts of PERKS (don't start before we continue together in the lesson though).

Part I is due:  calendar week 11 (first lesson of the week)

Part II is due: calendar week 13 (first lesson of the week)

Rest of the novel due: calendar week 17 (first lesson of the week)


Pretty straight-forward, hu? Again: I highly recommend that you actually read the book and not only the summaries that you can find online...


C: Listening


In the end of the first part of PERKS, Charlie, Sam and Patrick listen to the song "Landslide" by Fleetwood Mac (an old but nevertheless legendary band by the way). See below.


Chbosky uses quite a few references to music in the book and he doesn't do that by accident.


Listen to the song, look up the lyrics and read the end of the first part of the novel again. Then analyse (written form, at least half a page), why he chose to use that song in that situation and end the first part of the novel with it.