exercises due: calendar week 5 (single lesson)

A: Words


Blablablabla... next 30 words... blablabla

(I can't always write some witty text here...The voc test will be about the first 60 words...)

B: Writing


Essay writing is important. You are aware of that by now. So, let's practice some more essay writing (do NOT roll your eyes!!!). As you know, at the beginning of every paragraph, there usually should be a topic sentence. This should be followed by supporting sentences, examples and a concluding sentence. We've talked about this in class before and before I write a novel here, watch the video below. The guys do a good job explaining the structure of a paragraph.


After you're done watching, I want you to choose two of the below topics and write a short paragraph for each. (That means you don't have to write a complete comment! Only take one argument/point you would like to make and write a paragraph. You don't even have to write an introduction or a conclusion. ONLY the paragraph.)


1. You should go to jail for kicking a cat.

2. TikTok is becoming too powerful.

3. Humans will one day live on Mars.

4. Punctuation in text messages does not matter.

5. Being mean to Mr. Lauber should be punished severely.

6. People who stalk other people should go to prison for the rest of their lives.

voluntarily but it makes a LOT of sense...... watch this video on how to improve your formal writing skills