Learn for the class test (5.5.2022)

The class test is about "The Perks of Being a Wallflower" (what a surprise). You'll have to write an analysis about one of the topics in Perks, or about one of the key scenes. You are allowed to use both your book and a dictionary in the class test and you are allowed to mark passages in your book, use post-its and even write hints and important points into the book. Which also means (of course) that in the class test I want you to use that knowledge to interprete and analyse something that we haven't done in detail in class. But you will have to use proof from other parts of the book,so please please, please make sure you have read the book and can work with the text.

music and literature


both music and literature are extremely important to Charlie. And therefore those two topics are also extremely important for us and for the class test.



Charlie's relationships are coined by his past and undergo massive changes. He struggles and fails and succeeds. So his interactions with the other characters in the book are a good topic for an analysis.



Charlie's personal development and his struggle with growing up as well as with coming to term with his past is the common thread in the book. So you need to prepare that for the class test.