exercises due: calendar week 12 (first lesson of the week)


A: Words


Learn the words up to the end of p. 198. Make sure you start early and revise the words a couple of times. Some of you still think it's enough to take a look at the words the night before the test. It might come as a surprise but: It isn't enough.

B: Grammar


Some grammar topics are learned easily and active and passive definitly fall into that category. So you won't have problems solving those exercises. However, if problems are occuring, check out the rule page (or: the rule page can be checked).


Click here and do exercises 1, 5 and 6.

C: Reading


1. Before you read:

Think about the first couple of scenes of Slumdog Millionare. When does the word "Slumdog" appear for the first time spoken and when does it appear for the first time written?


2. Read THIS article and THIS article and look up words in your dictionary if necessary.


3. After you read:

Answer the following two questions:

  • Why are some people offended by the title of the film?
  • Which reasons do Beaufoy and Tandon offer for choosing the term "Slumdog"?



Watch this short clip of Dev Patel ("Jamal") talking about Slumdog Millionaire.