for the class test:

Task 1 is a text about a topic that plays a role in the novel. You'll have to summarize it.


  • use the simple present!
  • the summary shouldn't be longer than 60% of the original text
  • pay attention if you have to summarize regarding a specific part of the topic (e.g. Summarize the text with regards to the reasons for xyz. --> don't summarize EVERYTHING but concentrate on the reasons)
  • do not quote! Paraphrase/ use your own words.
  • the structure is (as always): introduction, main body, conclusion
  • do not include your own opinion.
  • include a "Basissatz"!!!

Task 2 is a comment or discussion on/about the novel/ a topic in the novel.

You'll have to give evidence from the book, so make sure you know the book inside out.


exercises due: calendar week 21 (class test)


Yes, that's a long time. But you'll understand once you read the task. It's preparation for the class test as well. (25.05.)

A: Words


Only the irregular verbs. Nothing more. Why? Because I want you to have enough time to read the book.


B: One of Us is Lying


Here is a message from Mrs. Zick:


In order for us to engage with the book in terms of content and language over the coming weeks, please read the following pages at home:

  • 24.04.23 – 30.04.23: p.95
  • 01.05.23 – 07.05.23: p.96 - p.186
  • 08.05.23 – 14.05.23: p.187 – p.271
  • 15.05.23 – 21.05.23: p.272- p.322

That’s roughly 90 pages per week, meaning that you will “only” have to read 12 pages per day! 😊

In addition, you will be the detectives helping to solve the case. Each of you is responsible for ONE character in particular. As you read the chapters, focus on your character and collect clues that prove your character’s innocence or that he/she committed the crime. Does he/she have a motive to kill Simon? What could that motive be? Please write down any hints!

Group 1: Jakob, Julius, Sören --> NATE

Group 2:  Christopher, Cristiano, Yousof --> BRONWYN

Group 3: Kubilay, Nils, Cem --> ADDY

Group 4: Nadja, Nele, Lina, Nelly --> COOPER