exercises due: calendar week 40

Part A: Words


You already know a lot of English words. However, of course, there is always more to learn. Living is learning as they say. Therefore, you'll find a wordlist for the first topic below. Download it and treat it the way it's supposed to be treated: carefully and with awe.


Oh, and learn the first 25 words...

wordlist topic 1
Adobe Acrobat Dokument 315.6 KB

Part B: Grammar


Yes, yes, I know.... you've done soooooo many grammar exercises in your life that you cannot see yourself doing more of them. Weeeeeeeeell..... I can.


Click HERE and do exercises 3, 5 and 7. (And pay attention to the instructions on that page.)

Part C: Viewing/ Writing


Watch the video below. It's a good summary of the US history and important background information.


Which of the time periods would you want to have lived in and why?

Write a text of about 3/4 of a page.