exercises due: calendar week 5 (first lesson of the week)

A: Words


Please learn up tp "encourage" (p.191).

  B: Listening Comprehension


Go to this page and do the listening comprehensions. As you can check the correct solutions yourself, we're not going to correct them in class. This is therefore also a bit of a test of how mature you already are.

C: Speaking


I'm soooooooooooooooooooooo looking forward to this:


Learn a poem (with at least ten lines!) of your choice by heart.

Make sure you are ready to come to the front of the classroom to recite the poem in a meaningful way (that means "with emotions"!!). And THIS is of course going to be part of your oral grade.


(Why? Because some of you like poems and some of you hate them. That's why. Oh and because I'm a cruel and mean person.)