exercises due: calendar week 41 (double lesson)

A: Words


Learn the words up to "to python" (p. 182)



B: Reading ("In the Outback")

  1. Read the text at pp. 86 - 88
  2. Do ex. a) and b) (p. 88)
  3. In one paragraph, explain which character in the story you like best (give reasons).

    C: Grammar Revision

  1. You are now experts on Simple Past and Present Perfect. So one more exercise on that topic shouldn't be a big problem for you. See below
  2. Do you remember what relative clauses and participle clauses are? Yes? Good. No? Too bad.... (hint: at p. 165 in your book, relative clauses are explained. And participle clauses as well.)
  3. Then do the following exercises:

Simple Past and Present Perfect


Do exercise 5 (ONLY exercsise 5. Yes, I'm looking at you Luis...)


relative clauses/ participle clauses:

book: p. 16, ex. 5, 6 and 7


Watch this video about fighting kangaroos in Australia. Try to never get into a fight with a kangaroo....