exercises due: calendar week 6 (single lesson)

dates of the class tests:



A: Words


below you find the new word list. Don't we all love learning words?


Learn the first 30 words.

word list 4
Adobe Acrobat Dokument 93.3 KB

B: Grammar


If you were perfect in English, you wouldn't have to do exercises on grammar anymore. But as you are not yet perfect..... (and ONE exercise won't kill you :D)


CLICK HERE and do exercise 5.

C: Watching


Watch the highlights of the Graham Norton Show below.

There is no task for you (because sometimes I'm nice). I just thought you might like it (and improve your English skills by watching it of course). The GNS is probably THE most famous TV show in British television. It's a mixture of comedy and talk show (Norton gets more celebreties to appear on his show than there are water drops in the ocean...).