exercises due: calendar week 26 (class test)


In the class test you'll have to complete a listening comprehension and an essay task.

A: Listening Comprehension


There will be a listening comprehension in the next class test. So you need to practice that. And as you've had close to no English in the last couple of weeks and the next English lesson is in four weeks time (!), I urge you to do some of the tasks, I recommend below. This is your own responsibility though...


An easy one to start everything of: Bonnie and Clyde.


Now let's have a listening comprehension with a bit more "juice".  For THIS one, I recommend doing the "preparation" exercise first. Do NOT look at the transcript.... and then do task 1 and task 2 (if you want to).


There are plenty more listening comprehensions on THIS SITE. I highly recommend that you do at least three to five of them.

Besides that:

Enjoy your holidays. And check the homepage for new homework on the last weekend of the holidays.