exercises due: calendar week 16 (Friday)


Learn the rest of the word list. You have three weeks for that, so don't go all "uhhhh Mr. Lauber...." on me.

A: Listening Comprehension


This is another test of your maturity.... you need to practice listening comprehension. EVERYONE of you. Therefore, I urge you to do some of the tasks that I recommend below. This is your own responsibility though...


An easy one to start everything of: Bonnie and Clyde.


Now let's have a listening comprehension with a bit more "juice".  For THIS one, I recommend doing the "preparation" exercise first. Do NOT look at the transcript.... and then do task 1 and task 2 (if you want to).


There are plenty more listening comprehensions on THIS SITE. I highly recommend that you do at least three to five of them.

Besides that:

Enjoy your holidays.