ex.1: Fill in the correct form of the verb.

1. Philipp WILL BE 15 next Wednesday.
2. They ARE GOING TO GET a new computer.
3. I think my mother WILL LIKE this CD.
4. Paul's sister WILL HAVE a baby.
5. They ARE GOING TO ARRIVE at about 4 in the afternoon.
6. Just a moment. I WILL HELP you with the bags.
7. In 2020 people WILL BUY more electric cars.
8. I think Marvin WILL HAVE a party next week.
9. We ARE GOING TO FLY to Venice in June.
10. Look at the clouds! It IS GOING TO RAIN soon.

ex.3: Fill in the correct form of the verb.

1. What are your plans for the weekend? I AM GOING TO GO to Hamburg.
2. Michael is always late. I'm sure he WILL BE late tomorrow evening.
3. Would you like tea or coffee? I WILL HAVE coffee.
4. Watch out! You ARE GOING TO HURT yourself.
5. The friends ARE STAYING/GOING TO STAY in the hotel tonight. They are tired.
6. It's starting to rain. Oh, then I WON'T TAKE a walk.
7. They didn’t like the beach. I don't think they WILL SPEND their holidays by the sea again.
8. If you don’t stop hitting her, I AM TELLING the teacher.
9. It’s 5 o'clock already. The bus is coming in 3 minutes! We ARE GOING TO MISS the bus.

ex.5: Translate the sentences into English.

1. Judy möchte mit dir reden. - Bitte sag ihr, dass ich sie anrufen werde.
Judy wants to talk to you – Please tell her that I'll call her.

2. Lass uns uns morgen um vier Uhr treffen - Entschuldigung, aber da werde ich noch arbeiten.
Let's meet tomorrow at four o'clock. - I'm sorry, but I'll be working at that time.

3. Sag deiner Tante jetzt tschüß, weil sie bereits nach London geflogen sein wird, wenn du wieder zurück kommst.
Say Good-bye to your aunt now because she will have flown to London when you will return.

4. Im Jahr 2019 werden sie dreißig Jahre verheiratet sein.
In 2019 they will have been married 30 years.

5. Warum fragst du deinen Bruder nicht um Hilfe? Ich bin mir sicher, dass er dir helfen wird.
Why don't you ask your brother for help? I'm certain that he'll help you.

6. Bitte nicht klingeln, wenn du ankommst. Mein Baby wird zu dem Zeitpunkt schlafen.
Please don't ring the doorbell when you arrive. My baby will be sleeping at that  time.